Custom Plans
Global Solutions

Founded in 2001, our goal was to develop a web-based deferred cash platform for a small group of investment banks.  Since then, EWM Global has evolved into a suite of highly flexible products that are custom-tailored to our rapidly growing client base.  Once a niche market, deferred cash, equity, carried interest and co-investment plans are now common place amongst virtually all financial institutions.  Recognizing the need for expertise in this arena, we developed a system capable of administering virtually any financial instrument within plans of great complexity. Not only did our system evolve to meet this growing demand, our expertise expanded to accommodate an international client base with a wide range of operational and regulatory requirements.  Our plans now serve employees in more than 4,000 cities across 70 countries.

With more than a decade of dedicated service to our clients, we have grown our business to include several Fortune 500 companies, as well as other elite banks, private equity funds, investment management firms, and insurance companies.