Partner With Us

At EWM Global, our goal is to support your company in every phase of compensation from plan implementation, to record keeping and controlling, to ongoing administration and client support.


We will work with you to identify the best approach to create new plans to fit your firm’s needs, or assess your existing plans to ensure a simple and effective administrative transition.  Regardless of plan complexity, EWM Global can:

  • Design innovative, cost efficient and compliant compensation structures
  • Seamlessly transition your existing data from your system to ours
  • Actively administer any type of compensation structure, such as deferred cash, deferrals into firm’s instruments (liquid or illiquid), equity, as well as carried interest and leveraged co-investment plans

Controlling and Record Keeping

Once implemented, we provide a full range of record keeping procedures and financial reports to ensure a controlled environment which complies with requirements set forth by our external auditor.  Our controlling procedures include:

  • Comprehensive reporting packages for HR, Finance and senior management Financial Reporting (e.g. amortization of compensation expense, mark to market liability reporting, organizational change reporting)
  • Auditable and compliant record-keeping
  • Adherence to internal and regulatory rules (e.g. vesting, retention, caps, clawback, etc.)

Client and Admin Support

Your employees will have access to the EWM Global’s web-based platform to review their accounts at any time, and a direct line to our Participant Services team is available should they have any questions or require assistance.  Our goal is to make the ongoing administration of your plans convenient for your employees through:

  • Hands-on client relationship management
  • Participant call center & customized message communications to employees
  • 24/7 state-of-the-art online system